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Now let’s talk about your bio link for Instagram. This page is going to take a little more effort than just creating your account did.

Instagram doesn’t allow you to post clickable links in your posts. This is why the single link in your biography needs to be a good one. The problem? Instagram will delete your account if you link to adult content.

So this means you can’t link directly to your OnlyFans page.


The same rule applies to LoyalFans, JustForFans, iFans, FanCentro, etc. The platform you use doesn’t matter. The point is, you can’t link directly to it from your IG profile.

This will in fact get you banned. Sure you may get away with it for a little bit but eventually, you will get caught and you will get banned.

Don’t take that risk!

So what are your alternatives? A family-friendly landing page.

A “family-friendly” landing page means a page without any nudity.  My landing page is located at

Do you know what you don’t find on my landing page? Any nudity. Do you know what you do find?

Links to all of my other social media-related profiles (my Facebook, my youtube, my Twitter) and links to my official website Klub Kelli, and to my OnlyFans page.

Instagram hires people to check out landing pages sometimes. They typically do just a quick spot check. That’s why at first glance, your page needs to appear to be crisp and clean and devoid of any obvious pornography.

You don’t want to give those spot checkers any reason to look further on your page, to see that you have links to your OnlyFans or FanCentro page on there.

Not everyone has the means to create their own website so they use sites like There are a few reasons why this is a bad idea.

  1. You have no control over the page. This means they can insert ads and redirect your traffic to somewhere else. This is done all the time on sites like Hubterz and
  2. By not having your own page you are missing out on the opportunity to capture email addresses and use those to exploit other opportunities. You always want to give your fans a chance to subscribe to your newsletter so that if you ever have anything special going on you can send out an email to all of those subscribers.  Email marketing is big money and you are missing out on a major opportunity if you don’t take advantage of it.Even if you aren’t going to do anything right now with the email addresses, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start capturing them for future use.I have a place at the very bottom of every page on where people can subscribe to my newsletter.

Now you may be saying, I don’t know how to create a website. Don’t worry, there are things you can do like go to, create a free account.

Then you can upgrade your plan from free to personal for only $4 a month, which means instead of you can use your own domain name (

My entire website was created using WordPress and they have a ton of free templates you can use so you just point and click to create the landing page you want. And you can use the contact feature to collect email addresses for your newsletter.

In time as you grow you can branch up and upgrade to different options but this is a cheap and easy way to do it. You can also use to do pretty much the same thing.

Check out my sample at

As an alternative, I suggest going to a site like and creating a free account. There you can create a simple page, that includes a G RATED photo of yourself (fully clothed), a short bio about yourself, and a few links. This page is the one where you list all your social media profiles and link to your Only- Fans page or your FanCentro feed. Wix has a free option and remember you only need this to create a simple, single-page website (which they help you do really easily), to have a G-rated landing page for your Instagram profile. Check out my sample at

Yes, as you start to earn more money you can buy your own domain and create a fun, G-rated landing page on your own (like, but for now, consider a nice, free alternative.

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