Mistakes To Avoid

We’ve already covered the topic of buying fake followers and why you shouldn’t do it but what are some other mistakes you might want to avoid on social media? Now might be a great time to talk about that.

Avoid Discussing Sensitive Subjects

The first mistake that comes to mind is that when you’re posting on your business social media profiles you should keep religion and politics out of it. Avoid all hot button issues and don’t talk about your views on things like abortion or how you may feel about the President of the United States. Business social media profiles should remain professional and that means avoiding the temptation to discuss your frustration with certain topics of personal interest.

Not only could doing so cost you potential new customers but it might even get your account banned on that social media platform. You’d be surprised just how easy it is to get thrown in Facebook jail or get a temporary Twitter suspension.

Do you think that transgendered males should be disallowed from participating in female sports? Hey, that’s your right to think whatever you want. But when it comes to your business social media profiles, you don’t need to be discussing such topics.  These are your personal opinions and as such should be kept on your personal profiles.

Spell Check is Your Friend

Always check and then double check your work before you click post. You want to make sure that all of your words are spelled correctly and that you’re saying what you actually meant to say. You’ll lose credibility quickly if your posts are poorly written or are riddled with spelling errors.

Don’t Be a Sheep

Just because someone says something doesn’t make it true. Honestly. Sometimes people lie and sometimes it just doesn’t apply to you. Case in point, there are probably no less than 20 zillion articles about how fabulous videos are and how they get more engagement than just posting photos on Instagram.

While that may be true for many people, I have a client that this isn’t true for. Overall, she has better than average engagement, with an average of 6.08%. But when she posts videos, as cute as those little videos may be, her engagement drops from 1% to 3%.

So now matter how many experts will insist she needs to post videos, they don’t work for her. Her photos do great so she goes with what works for her. And that’s my advice to you. Just because someone tells you something is the best thing ever, that doesn’t mean it will be the best thing ever for you and your business. Try it out if you want but follow your analytics carefully and see what works best for you.

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