Buying Fake Followers

I decided to make this a lesson all its own because it’s an important subject. I can’t tell you how many times the subject of buying followers has come up when I am dealing with a new client where I’m talking to them about managing their social media for their company. A lot of new […]

Share For Share, Collabs, and Adult.Promo

The quickest way to grow your social media profiles is to collab with others like you. Talk to other adult performers like yourself and make a pact to promote each other. Take a photo of her and give her one of you, then you post to your story (she posts a story about you) saying […]

Setting Goals and Statistics

The only way to know how you are doing is to set tangible goals. This is where Google docs come in. Create a spreadsheet at If you want to see a sample, I’ve created one for you (click here). When you open it, click FILE and then MAKE A COPY, so you have your […]


Twitter is the largest social media platform that is sex worker-friendly. This is why it is without a doubt the best option for all people who work in the adult industry. Not only can you use it to connect with fans, but you can also use it to keep up with what’ going on in […]


Instagram is a powerful tool to build your brand. It’s not if you should be on Instagram because it’s an absolute must-have when it comes to your social media marketing strategy. There are nearly 1.4 billion people who use the platform and Instagram generates 120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter. Pro Tip: Never […]


Hands down Facebook is the most popular active social media website. The problem is, they have this annoying and downright draconian “family-friendly” policy. Beyond this, they also use AI so here is the problem with sex workers using Facebook. It learns your face and then starts feeding your real-life friends and family members your porn. […]

Choosing The Right Platforms

There are a ton of social media platforms out there. The question is, which ones are right for you? Just off the top of my head here are some of the top social media platforms in which you’ll find adult stars trying to master … Facebook Instagram Twitter TikTok Reddit Clubhouse There are literally hundreds […]

Let’s Define Social Media

You may not realize it, but social media affects every single aspect of your brand. That’s why it’s important to get a solid grasp on how it works and how it can benefit you – not just in growing your brand but in actually making you more money. To most people, when I say “social […]


My name is Kelli Roberts. I started in the adult industry in 1996. I began in the field of SEO (search engine optimization) and affiliate marketing. When social media became a thing I worked hard to master the basics and eventually became social media certified. Today I’m going to share with you everything I’ve learned […]