How You Can Help

When news of California’s AB2389 hit, we were devastated to learn that politicians, who have no real understanding of how our industry works, would try and force background checks, fingerprinting, and other unneeded regulation on our performers.

We Need Your Support

Do you want to make a difference? Do you want to help? That’s great because we could use your support. There are a few ways you can help us.

If you work in the adult industry you could help us by joining our oversight committee. This means not only helping us improve the classes we are currently offering but approving material for future lessons as well.

While our classes are free, it doesn’t mean we don’t have expenses. If you want to contribute financially simply click on the donate button. Any amount you can contribute is greatly appeciated.

The best way you can help is to tell others about our website. Contact every person you know who works in the adult industry, including not only porn stars but also webcammers, and content creators for sites like Onlyfans and Clips4Sale. You can also tweet about our website.

Your Support Matters

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